Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gurus of Composting in Maine...

We had the great fortune of meeting the four muskateers of composting at the Maine Composting School. These guys were so passionate about the science and benefits of composting for large scale industrial uses, as well as the backyard compost-ers.

We started out talking over a few large pizzas about what we wanted to shoot and convey. The space is a beautiful 100 year old farm with apples, vineyards and big ass pumpkins. There are many types of agricultural elements being studied and researched for better farm management, as well as a refined approach to effective compost practices.

We delved into manures, woodchips and shavings to learn more about the ingredients needed to create better recipes of compost.

The interesting thing was seeing all the bones of animals strewn out over the soil rows! Carcasses are composted here too and adds to the richness of the soil destined to grow better crops and organic material....

I also stuck my foot into a compost pile which was 140 degrees in the center, for an optimum environment of microbe activity... I was told if I stuck my foot in there, I would never have toe fungus again, and for those of you who have sucked my toes, that is welcome news no!!?:????

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