Monday, August 24, 2009

First day shooting in Maine...

We meandered for a short while through picturesque towns and woodlands
of Northern Maine, looking for the rustic sign pointing to the dirt
road leading to the Ninth annual Burdock Gathering.

Burdock is a burning man-esque affair with hippies, back-to-landers,
and good wholesome earth lovers camping out for a week on loaned out
farm land.

We came document this community effort, which is an extension of local
sprouts cooperative in Portland, Maine.

Organic cooking and hollistic workshops are the mainstay of the week
long, event where everyone interacts and contributes. The vibe was
mellow, the hairy body parts were abundant, and the nudity was a
sometimes harsh site to see.... But the idea was admirable; people
getting together and forming a community to practice healthy cooking
with local farmed veggies and a slough of short workshops to educate
and skill build anyone participating.

We met some cool people, including a young guy named Coyote who had a
great ease about him, and had some good info about his lifestyle and
natural living.

We're shooting a series of projects for Green Living Project. I'm
hosting with two camera shooters, a writer and the founder Rob Holmes.

Some details about Maine Compost School coming next....

Some photos soon to come!!

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