Saturday, July 18, 2009

Out on the Ocean with LA Port Pilots..

I was shooting segments for 'Portfolio' a couple days ago outside the port of LA with the Port Pilots who guide in large cargo vessels into harbor. An amazing process where the pilots meet the ship out at sea and basically take over navigational command to bring the ship in safely. I scaled the hull with the pilots and hung out on the bridge while we navigated the causeway in.

The whole reason for jumping on this vessel was to examine the AMP system, which stands for Alternative Marine Power. The Los Angeles Port is the first in the world to utilize this technology for the cargo shipping industry. The AMP enables large vessels to power up the ship's electricity while in port by use of electricity plugged into the ship from Port. This allows the ship to function without using the generators on board, which are huge polluters of NOx emissions. One AMP vessel eliminates emissions equivalent to 69,000 diesel truck miles!, or driving about three times around the Earth!

Yes, the electricity does come at a cost, but the benefits surely outweigh the lack of. This is the name of the game with sustainability, as nothing is black and white.

Hopefully the rest of the world plugs in soon!!!

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