Thursday, May 1, 2008

Southern Australia

Slipped into Sydney and fell about the place a bit, then headed off to Kangaroo Island for a spell.
I stayed a guest house sort of place which runs totally on solar and wind. It was a cool place, but the owner was so fantatical about keeping his batteries charged at a certain level for his solar system, I think he lost the plot about being happy with nature!
Lived among tons of kangaroos, wallabies, and we found the fabled and rare echidnea! A small porcupine looking animal that has survived for 120 million years. The world authority on Echidneas lives on the island and she took us around to search for some. On the last day, we found one out in the bush.
No photos, so it will have to remain a bit mysterious...

Next stop Fiji.


Anonymous said...


nunez family thinking of you! love all the pics! Surfing through sand!! What next?

Susana, Ricardo, Alejandra,& Dallas

Anonymous said...


The TiVo is set - can't wait to see the show. You must have the funnest job on the planet! Keep posting. Be Safe.

Christopher & Cleo

Anonymous said...

Hi Jayms!
It's Steve P. Wow! That looks like a lot of fun (and work too!) Can't wait to see you on TV cuz! I've told everyone I know about what you're up to and it's really amazing. Hey man, be careful out there and we'll keep checking up on you over here in DC!