Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's ok amigo..... just let me go..

I know I'm jumping around a bit here, but I am cut off from communications at times.

I am in Daintree, Australia at the moment and am breathing in pure air from the world's oldest rainforest. 130 million years ago this rainforest was cleaning the air and hosting beginnings of countless species. I love thinking about that!

Staying at a place called Daintree Eco-Lodge which is nestled in a beautiful pocket of forest. I was a bit concerned when we pulled in and it was right off the main road but it has proved to be quite nice and the owners are committed to operating it with sustainability in mind. Their water comes from a waterfall, lent to the guests then cleaned and let back out into the forest. The idea of borrowing the water from nature then retuning it is a refreshing idea no??

Trekked through the forest with a young guy named Juan, who is an Aboriginal family has along history in this area. Juan showed me so many plants and trees that have medicinal traits and that his ancestors have used for generations. They say their kitchen, their, hardware store, their medicine cabinet and their church all are found here in the rainforest.

Spent some time on the Daintree River, which filters out into the Coral Sea not far from here. We were up close and personal with some huge crocodiles, beautiful birds and timeless waterways. I can only imagine how the first explorers plodded their way through the thick forest only to meet up with a croc which they had never heard of before. This must have been amazing! I've always thought I was born a few hundred years to late hombre....

I saw the rare casselwary bird in the forest as well. There is said to only be 70 of these birds here. About 6 ft tall and beautifully plumed with blue feathers around its neck and a strong balck body with talons that will tear your heart out in a second.....

A brief 3 days here, but great ones surely! We recorded some good footage and the boys were working hard. I hope we are conveying the message of adventure, travel and the idea of sustainability properly! By the way, the first episode airs June 6th at 10 PM on Travel Channel..
Ecoluxe is the name now...

check it out !!!

catching a plane to Kangaroo Island on the south end of Australia today.


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