Tuesday, March 18, 2008

3 strange days in Colombia.....

We touched down in Bogota, Colombia on Saturday with a crew of 5 and we immediately jumped a small plane to a coastal town called Santa Marta. We are a few producers, sound guy, cameraman, and me.

Santa Marta is small town on the Carribean coast of Colombia, which is known as the place where the great Latin liberator Simon Bolivar met his end from Tuberculosis. This town is said to be the second oldest city in the Americas and the oldest in Colombia.

We made it to town and sipped cold cervezas on the edge of the bay as the sun bid us adieu. The town was like any coastal, Latin town and I again felt right at home amongst the street vendors, dirty-faced kids and the beggars...
We saddled up and headed to the rainforest which makes up the Tayaron National Park in the wildest and most beautiful part of Northern Colombia. We arrived at a place called Eco-habs, which is 14 private cabanas nestled in the trees on the face of the Sierra Nevada range.

Each cabana has a great view of the rainforest and the sea. Colombia is pristine and undeveloped compared to its' neighbors to the West and South which makes it a great place to come hang your hammock and lost a while... as long as you don't get kidnapped by the rebels and spend a few months in the jungle eating dirty rice and ants!

My signal for internet is intermittent at best so I will try and write about the last couple of days tomorrow and put a few photos!!!


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